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Friday, August 13, 2010

Pinkz 104
oh my oh my!!! reali tat loooong tat i haven been posting. hehheh... tooo tired frm moi work and very lazy to edit the pics and i didnt really do moi nails so frequent. in this post is the nails i had done in jul.

previous post: mani n pedi done at Nails Alley @ *Pinkz 103*

heres the nails pic:

done this nailart in jul when i went to malaysia alor star to attend friend's wedding. so i named this nailart Alor Star. hehheh... i reali cant remember wat nail polish i had used =P itz actuali quite a laz min work. our flight was in the noon n in morning i intended to go for a express mani but the shop not yet open so i went home n diy-ed.

for moi toes:

as for toes i went for a pedi. the pics are too long for me to remember the name of the nail polish i asked for. heehee....

thanks for viewing! ^_____^ cheerios!!!